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• 6/3/2013

Affiliated Wikis

The Red Dead Wiki recently received a request to add an affiliate link to the Just Cause Wiki. I set up an affiliate box, which you can see at the bottom of the Red Dead Wiki main page. The idea is to help promote awareness of different, somewhat-related wikis, as well as improving search rankings for each wiki.
What do you think about adding an affiliate box here? As with the one I set up on RDW, affiliates could be for other third person open world games as well as for other Double Fine games (since the Psychonauts and The Cave wikis are part of the vast Milkman Wiki Empire, they would willingly comply with the request). Other affiliate types might include RTS game wikis and non-game metal wikis.
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• 11/14/2012

New Forum features releasing today

New Forum features releasing today
One of our major goals with Forums is to help communities organize and channel conversations that happen on their wikis. We've been hard at work for the past few weeks developing some features that allow communities to host active, interesting forum conversations. Today, two major features are releasing: Admin Board Management and archiving of the old forum system.
On Special:Forum, admins will now be able to create, rename, reorder, and delete boards on their forums via the "Manage Boards" button. We've also built in forum descriptions so you can label exactly what type of conversations you expect to have on each board.
All conversations in the old Forum: namespace are now archived. Only admins can edit them to remove old photos and redlinks if needed. This is an important step to take because it allows your community (and new users!) to have a centralized location for conversations rather than two system both called "Forum" that function differently.
Additionally, we're releasing some minor design changes and bug fixes. As always -- keep giving us feedback!
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• 10/2/2012

Section heading formatting

I just updated the Easter Eggs article to reorganize the content. Looking at the finished product, I think some formatting changes for the different outline levels would be good (this would be a wiki-wide change, not just for that article). Specifically, I was thinking of adding a slight indentation to each level and adding some line spacing before section headings to help visually identify major sections and to help separate sections.
I'll try to add an example of what I mean later, but basically I want to do something about the run-together look of things like this:

Big section 1
Medium section 1.1
Small section 1.1.1
Small section 1.1.2
Medium section 1.2
Big section 2
Medium section 2.1
Small section 2.1.1
Small section 2.1.2
Medium section 2.2
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• 9/23/2012

Just a curiosity

This seems like the most relevant place to put this so...
is there any way to pull up a list of red links or something like that? It would be very helpful in cleaning up methinks.
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• 9/16/2012

Admin name colors

This thread is about the custom username colors that have been set up for admins on this wiki. Here's what we have so far:

These are set in MediaWiki:Common.css/highlights.css.
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