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• 6/15/2014

Trading links with the Metalocalypse WIki

I'm not sure if there's a page on this wiki with a collection of Brutal Legend links, but I'm an admin over at the Metalocalypse Wiki and I'm posting here to see if you guys would be interested in trading links with us. All this means is that we would list this wiki in our "Affiliates and Friends" section, the reason for this is because of that cool Dethklok/Brutal Legend promo that  was made for one of Dethklok's tours, also because this is a well written wiki. TheDethklokGuy (talk) 07:38, June 15, 2014 (UTC)
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• 10/3/2013

InTheAgeOfMetal, new Brutal Legend roleplay forum, to open soon

After circling the DoubleFine Action Forums, deviantArt, and the tumblr circuit, there are finally enough viable participants to begin the building of the mentioned roleplay forum. InTheAgeOfMetal (the website's domain and also the url of the progress tumblr) is sighted to be a free-for-all roleplay setting with opportunities to play during and after the in game events of Brutal Legend, with areas for fan-created artwork and writing and plenty of space for original creations as well as the canon characters.
With the domain name freshly purchased and hosted, real work on getting the forum into a functioning state has only just gotten started, but the creator has made a personal goal of seeing the forum open to the public by this Saturday, October 5th.
If there are any questions or suggestions, feel free to utilize the askbox of
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• 5/3/2013

Uploading Videos

I was wondering if it was ok if I could post my music videos i did for Brutal legend. I do have them on the doulbe fine fans youtube channle i made, I just wanted to know if i could also post them here too?
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• 12/20/2012

Wiki Anniversary!


Howdy folks! I'd just like to bring to our attention that 5 days ago it was our Wiki's first anniversary since we were given a new leader by the name of The Milkman! I'd just like to say thanks for taking charge of what was once a cluttered mess and helping us turn it into a website that apparently Double Fine themselves like! 
Also, on a slightly unrelated topic. I'd like to present you all a gift. Christopher Lee (Sauroman from LoTR and Dracula), is 90. Is a trained singer. Sings heavy metal. Has released 2 metal albums. And is releasing an album called "A Heavy Metal Christmas". This blog is also my petition on having Christopher Lee do some voice acting for Brütal Legend. Enjoy!
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• 11/29/2012

New Forum features

Hi folks --
Thank you for helping us test the new Forum over the last couple months! We've got a few new features that were just released today, preparing for putting Forums into Wikia Labs tomorrow.
The new stuff includes the ability to move threads from one Board to another, and a "Forum Policies / FAQ" button that you'll see at the top of the Index page. (Admins can edit that Policies text.)
The big new change is integrating the forum threads with the rest of the wiki, using Topics to surface relevant conversations on the wiki's article pages. You can tag a forum thread with Topics, connecting that discussion with the most relevant article pages.
There's a new module at the bottom of article pages that displays links to the two most recent forum threads that are tagged with that Topic. There's also a button in that module that encourages people to start a new forum discussion about that Topic.
Everybody on the wiki can add, delete and edit Topics on any thread, so if somebody adds an irrelevant Topic, it's easy for anybody to fix. Edits to Topics show up in History, Contributions and Recent Changes, so it's basically the same as all the other wiki management tasks that active contributors usually do.
We're excited to see how wiki communities use these new features, and we've got more work planned. Please let me know what you think, and what you'd like to see in the future!
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• 10/13/2012

Rocktober 13th! (And other stuff)

Guys, GUYS the wiki got linked from!
I think that means we made it. Also, Rocktober 13th is upon us so as the page suggests "Tim is going to be playing Brütal Legend on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network this Saturday, Rocktober 13, starting at 4pm Pacific (that's 23:00 GMT)" "He'll be online for about two hours."
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• 9/21/2012


Maybe its just me (and I'm sorry ;_;) but activity here seems pretty well, almsot nonexistant. Gotta admit I'm not exactly the most active guy but hey, I'll work on it. So I'm wondering how we could drum up more activity, I thought about maybe a BL tournament with signups and shit here or something like that but otherwise I have no idea. Halp?
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• 9/6/2012

Comments about the new forum style

Just starting off a post as a place to discuss what we find while playing around with the new style forums. The first thing I noted was that the link to this General Discussion board was red and General discussion did not show up in the list of forums, but yet here I am ... once I'm done with this post will a link be present on the main forum page? Time will tell.
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