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• 5/24/2014

Multiplayer issue

When i try to play matchmaking or custom game it says i need to sign in, even though i play through steam. Is there anyway to fix this issue?
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• 7/18/2013

After Game Characters locations and rewards

I really need some help finding a few characters after the game and want to know a few things before I redo chapters in the game. I saw it said progress will be overwrite if you replay a chapter of the game. So, I wanted to know if I redo a chapter, will I lose the solos I've gained in the in game and all the stuff I brought from the Guardian of Metal? And can some please tell me where the Baron is? I looked all around wraith moutain and north of the moutain, but I still can not find him. So, can one of you please be specific about that question and answer both of them?
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• 7/14/2013

March to Impalement

Can't get only the roadies to destroy that last tower and there isn't anything like individual order in controls
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• 5/8/2013

Sabotage potencial

I see that it is possible to edit other peoples profile, that means a random troll might take advantage of that and commit serious douchebagery and then proceded to get struck by the Brütal Warlords.
So we should not let anyone edit profiles except their own.
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• 3/3/2013

Steel Quill Treatment

So I'm near the end of the game, my next mission is to meet Lita at the shore of Black Tears, and have just completed all the Overslaughter side-quests. I talked to him about several times and each time it's the same final speech where he gives you the steel quill axe treatment. Yet my axe remains the same and it's not selectable in the Motorforge. Did I come across a glitch or something?
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• 9/21/2012

guise halp

How do I shot web?
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