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• 8/29/2013

Brutal Legend 75% off

Burtal Legend is on sale on steam for 4.99 and 6.24 with the game sound track.
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• 5/8/2013

Humble Double Fine Bundle! (Brütal Legend on Mac/Linux!)

Rejoice one and all and take in the good news.
The newest Humble Bundle has hit the interwebs and it's a Double Fine spectacular!
Check over here for the full story, but I'll give you the juicy details.
All Double Fine games currently on Steam are now available for every OS (PC/Mac/Linux). This includes Costume Quest, Psychonauts, Stacking, Broken Age and more importantly Brütal Legend! Pay more than the average to unlock the game + soundtrack! 
Also check out this exclusive t-shirt design for those kind folk who spend $70+!

So? What're here for? Get spendin'!
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• 4/26/2013

Brutal Legend sale on steam

Brutal Legend is half off on steam from now untill the 29th.
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• 3/14/2013

Come play Brutal Legend on March 14th

Tim and other members at double fine are going to play brutal legend tomorrow at noon pacific time. Here what Chris Remo said.
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• 3/9/2013

"Left 4 Dead has always rocked. But what if it rocked just a BIT harder?"

Looks like Double Fine and Valve are up to more shenanigans again.
Eddie seems to be taking a break from fighting Doviculus and is loaning his weapons to Left 4 Dead land. Right now, you can go over here and download Clementine and The Separator to help you do some zombie killing! And there's nothing more metal than killing zombies with an electric V guitar.

Full story over this way.
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• 2/14/2013

Brütal Legend is now on PC!

For the original story, check DP's blog here.

“Adding a PC release to Brütal Legend’s list of conquests risks raising the world’s ambient Metal saturation to dangerously high levels, which is why we’re conducting this closed beta test for preorders.” — Tim Schafer

As previously speculated by Rikusorakairiown, Brütal Legend has finally been ported to the PC. For a few extra dollars, players can get the "Soundtrack Edition", which includes the original soundtrack as composed by Peter McConnell (soundtrack is available separately for $7.99). Those who pre-purchase will save 25% in addition to receiving two unique Team Fortress 2 items, which will be released next Tuesday, on the February 14. This includes one hat and one taunt. On top of that, those who pre-purchase gain access to the multiplayer beta, which is currently live.
Features include:

Controller support
Steam Cloud support
Steam Achievements
Both the Tears of the Hextadon and Hammer of Infinite Fate map packs.

If you would like to purchase and show your support, you can buy the game here.
Additional information can be found at Double Fine's website.

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