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The Milkman
• 10/2/2012

Section heading formatting

I just updated the Easter Eggs article to reorganize the content. Looking at the finished product, I think some formatting changes for the different outline levels would be good (this would be a wiki-wide change, not just for that article). Specifically, I was thinking of adding a slight indentation to each level and adding some line spacing before section headings to help visually identify major sections and to help separate sections.

I'll try to add an example of what I mean later, but basically I want to do something about the run-together look of things like this:

Big section 1

Medium section 1.1

Small section 1.1.1

Small section 1.1.2

Medium section 1.2

Big section 2

Medium section 2.1

Small section 2.1.1

Small section 2.1.2

Medium section 2.2

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The Milkman
• 10/4/2012

I agree, this is a good idea. I'm all for it. If possible, could we get a side-by-side comparison of both the current and proposed formats, so the changes are a bit more palpable?

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