“Gauge your current level of awesomeness.” — Instruction Manual, on the Stats screen.

100% Completion is an accomplishment in Brütal Legend that unlocks an achievement/trophy.


100% Completion is achieved by completing a set of criteria that includes finding collectibles and completing missions. The Stats menu within the game shows a player's progress towards reaching 100%, both in terms of percentage completed and progress towards each individual component.


The following table shows the requirements for 100% completion and the percentage earned for each component.

Task Quantity % per item % total
Story Missions 21 ? ?
Secondary Missions ? ~0.45 ?
Artifacts of Legend 13 ? ?
Bound Serpents 120 ? ?
Buried Metal 24 ? ?
Concept art (Ironheade only) 17 ? ?
Deuce Upgrades 47 ? ?
Landmark Viewers 32 ? ?
Lightning Plug Jumps 24 ? ?
Motor Forge 11 ? ?
Tab Slabs 12 ? ?

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Achieving 100% Completion unlocks the following achievement/trophy:

Metal God
Gold PS3 Gold
Achieved 100% Completion on the stats screen.

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