The tenth Artifact of Legend unchained tells the story of the Black Tear Rebellion:

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Humanity was enslaved by the Coil and suffered their cruelty for ages, until a leader emerged and led the humans in rebellion. He made them into an army, taught them to make weapons, cars, and clothing from the natural world. The man they called Riggnarok was so effective, the desperate Coil broke the seal on the Sea of Black Tears, knowing the allure and danger it had for humans. Those who drank first, intoxicated with power, renamed their uprising the Black Tear Rebellion, but madness eventually turned human against human, and tore the movement apart. Riggnarok never gave in to the sorrow, and he alone survived. His rebellion crushed, he set off on one final mission to assassinate the Tainted Emperor. He was never seen again.


Black Tear Rebellion01:17

Black Tear Rebellion

Artifacts of Legend
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Artifacts of Legend

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