BladeWoode Map
Map Type Original
Fan Geysers 7
Starting Merch Booths 2
Bladewoode is a multiplayer map in Brütal Legend.


This forgotten island is home to an old growth forest known as Bladewoode. Giant petrified Titan weapons lie amongst the rugged evergreens. Stone slabs crudely arranged into support structures mark the perimeter of a long abandoned civilization. At the heart of these woods stands the shell of an epic Flame Bark Tree which protects a highly contested source of fans.


This map contains seven Fan Geysers, three of which are neutral. Each faction's Megastage starts with two Merch Booths. Both stages are directly facing each other across a small field. Small ridges prevent units from directly attacking the stages, forcing them to go around on either side. At the centre of the field is a hollowed-out tree, in which sits an Epic Flame Bark Tree containing a neutral Fan Geyser. On opposite sides of the map are two small clearings with one entry point, each containing a neutral Fan Geyser.


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