Chariot Crucible
“Summon your Chariot to your location.” — In-game description

The Chariot is the personal vehicle of Doviculus, summoned via the Summon Chariot guitar solo.


As the name implies, this vehicle is a motorised Chariot, with the engine and Coiling Maw taking the place of horses.

Unlike the other faction leader vehicles, the Chariot leaves Doviculus completely exposed. Despite this, the Chariot, like all other vehicles, takes damage when it is attacked, and not the player. It is also notable in that Emperor Doviculus stands on his vehicle, whilst the others sit, and it uses a reign, whereas other vehicles have a steering wheel.


Chariot Multiplayer

The Chariot is available to Tainted Coil players in multiplayer stage battles. Because the Chariot only appears in multiplayer, where all players can fly at great speeds, and because it cannot be upgraded or armed, it isn't particularly useful for transportation. It can still be used however, to shield the player from damage, run down enemies, or escape if affected by the Anvil of Burden.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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