This article is about a legend. For the multiplayer map, see Coiled Remains.

The ninth Artifact of Legend unchained tells the story Coiled Remains:

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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The Tainted Coil never comprehended the Titan's instructions. They were too consumed with their feelings of abandonment and betrayal. How could their masters leave them alone? Where had they gone? They searched the entire world, but the only trace of the Titans they ever found was a single shred of a single nail from a single toe of their old masters. They worshiped the master's nail and tried to reanimate it with dark and bloody rituals, but all they could create were small replicas of the Titans, creatures no bigger than themselves, whose very size mocked the Coil's failure. And that is how the Tainted Coil came to create, and immediately despise, the race of Man.

Coiled Remains01:12

Coiled Remains

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