“Armor salvaged from the personal Chariot of Lord Doviculus.” — in-game description

The Coiling Maw is an upgrade for The Deuce which is added by the Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC.

Description Edit

The Coiling Maw mounts to the front of The Deuce and provides extra ramming damage. Once the Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC is installed, it becomes available after completing "Doom's Dawn". The player must first purchase "A Touch Too Much Armor" before the Coiling Maw will be available. There is no cost for the upgrade.


  • After installing the Coiling Maw upgrade, The Deuce's headlights will change to red, and the Maw's teeth will cast shadows.

Achievements/Trophies Edit

Use of the Coiling Maw is required to unlock the following achievement/trophy:

Bronze PS3 Bronze
Ran down 20 animals in the Deuce with the Coiling Maw equipped.

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