“Hey, did I say charge? ” — Eddie Riggs

Commands are orders issued by avatars that allow the player to control their army. There are four in total: Charge, Defend, Follow, and Move.

Avatars can also give individual orders to a single unit or a group of units. They can only be used during missions and stage battles.



PS3 Up Icon Xbox Up Icon - The charge command sends units rushing forward, attacking all enemies in sight.


PS3 Down Icon Xbox Down Icon - The defend command orders units to fortify a location. They will remain at the spot in which the avatar is standing, albeit they will still attack any nearby enemies and Fan Leeches.


PS3 Left Icon Xbox Left Icon - The follow command orders units to follow the avatar.


PS3 Right Icon Xbox Right Icon - The move command sends units to the beacon of light. If the light is placed over a building, the units are commanded to attack the structure.


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