Bat Dad
Dad Bat Conversation
Gender Male
Race Bat
Hair Color Blonde
Skin Tone Blue/black
Voiced By Ozzy Osbourne

“I don't wanna stop!” — Dadbat

Dadbat is the father in a family of bats who have been driven out of their cave by Sickle Wraiths and a Tollusk. He gives the player the  "Fiery in the Pad, Man!" secondary mission.


  • Dadbat is played by Ozzy Osbourne, who notoriously bit the head off a real bat during one of his shows. The bat also resembles a younger Ozzy Osbourne.
  • If the player tries to enter the cave without accepting the mission, the bat will stop Eddie and quote Ozzy’s song titles ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’, ‘I’m Not Going Away’ and ‘Never Say Die’.
  • The other bats resemble members of Ozzy’s family.


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