Deuce Upgrades

Deuce Upgrades are upgrades for The Deuce available for purchase at Motor Forges.


  • Mouth of Metal - Voice of the Metal Gods. Listen to the thunderous sounds of the Titans while you explore the landscape.
  • Extra Nitro Canister - Adds a nitro canister to the rear of The Deuce. (Unlocks after completing "To The Slaughter". Costs 20 Fire Tributes)
  • Double Nitro - Adds a second nitro canister. (requires Extra Nitro Canister to unlock)
  • Triple Nitro - Adds a third nitro cannister and increases regular landspeed. (must beat ALL racing challenges to unlock. CANNOT be purchased at the motor forge)
  • Extra Armor - A piece of armor added to the front of The Deuce that resembles a train's cow catcher. (Unlocks after completing "A Number Of The Beasts". Costs 50 Fire Tributes)
  • Even More Armor - A larger, more effective front piece of armor that resembles a helmet. (requires Extra Armor to unlock) (Unlocked upon completion of "Pilgrimage Of Screams". Costs 100 Fire Tributes)
  • A Touch Too Much Armor - An even bigger piece of armor is added to The Deuce. (requires Even More Armor to unlock, as well as completing "Doom's Dawn". Costs 150 Fire Tributes.)
  • Performance Package - Increases the size of the engine, giving The Deuce more speed. (Unlocks after completing "To The Slaughter". Costs 25 Fire Tributes)
  • Performance Overkill - Further increases the size and speed of the engine. (requires Performance Package to unlock, as well as completing "Doom's Dawn". Costs 75 Fire Tributes.)

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