“This power chord will blow everybody away and bring down the house.” — Tutorial

The Earthshaker is an attack that creates a shockwave centered on the avatar, damaging nearby foes and knocking back weaker enemies. This can also knock back enemy avatars, but not as far.

Description Edit

Snow Shaker

The Earthshakeris capable of knocking back multiple enemies at once, although larger enemies will just flinch or may not be affected. This combo can be triggered by pressing:

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Story Edit

This move is learned in the game's first mission, "Welcome to the Age of Metal", where it is used to bring down the walls surrounding the Temple of Ormagöden atop a massive corpse pile. They are later used to bring down massive engines throughout the temple. During the mission "Lair of the Metal Queen", this must be used to shake off swarms of miniature spiders.

Multiplayer Edit

On the Hammer of Infinite Fate map Altar of Blood, avatars can use Earthshakers to flood the centre portion of the map with blood, dealing heavy damage to everyone caught in the torrent.

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