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“Low creatures felled the god Ormagöden, but his death gave the elements from which a new era would rise: Blood, Fire, Noise, and Metal.” — The Narrator

There are four great Elements in the Brütal Land: Metal, Noise, Blood, and Fire.

The Great Elements of the World were made upon the death of the Fire Beast Ormagöden, turning the world from a dark, barren wasteland into a living, breathing realm. The Artifact of Legend Fall of the Fire Beast retells the whole of how these Elements came into being.


  • The Guardian of Metal, upon reciting his opening line of "Metal Noise, Blood and Fire! Tell me what you most desire," is a recitation of the Brütal Land's Periodic Table.
  • The elements mirror the traditional classical elements: metal (earth), noise (wind), blood (water), and fire.

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