“They do seem to have an energy about them.” — Lars Halford

Fan Geysers are used in single player stage battles and online multiplayer battles to accumulate Fans. Finding a neutral Fan Geyser during a stage battle and playing the Fan Tribute guitar solo will cap it with a merch booth.


Fan Geysers Tour Book

In both single and multiplayer, avatars cannot directly attack Merch Booths, Fan Leeches, or Megastages. In-game this is shown by Fans pushing the player back when trying to attack, however the player's units are not affected when attacking these structures. However, one can indirectly attack them by double teaming with units.

Variants Edit

  • Green Fans: This is a neutral geyser that can be claimed by playing the Fan Tribute solo.
  • Red Fans: The player's enemies are near the geyser and distracting the fans from being won over. All of the nearby enemies must be killed to turn it into a neutral geyser.

Story Edit

“Every metalhead that spews forth is now your devotee, giving you the resources to fill out your war ensemble.” — Instruction Manual

Ironheade first discovers the power of the Fans during "Battle for Bladehenge", after Eddie Riggs and Mangus set up the Megastage in Bladehenge. Eddie recognises them as fans, saying that they need merchandise. Lita explains that the Fans are a subterranean race harnessed by the Titans to power their whole civilisation.


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