Fiery in the Pad, Man!
Fiery In The Pad, Man
Location Bat Cave
Given By Dadbat
Rewards 25 Fire Tributes
“Sure, I'll just go in there and lay down some mousetraps.” — Eddie Riggs

Fiery in the Pad, Man!" is a side mission in Brütal Legend.

Story Edit

Having been evicted from his home by the local wildlife, a bat and his family are forced to live outside their home until the squatters are removed. When Eddie walks by this area, Dadbat tells him to go away.

Walkthrough Edit

Clean That Out

The player initiates the mission by talking to Dadbat outside of a cave in the Black Tear Region, just off the Titan Highway. The bat indicates that his cave has squatters. Eddie Riggs must clear out the cave to free it up for the bat family.

Upon entering the cave, the player must kill six Sickle Wraiths and a unique Tollusk. It is best to use Clementine attacks whilst they are in the air, and Separator combos when they get closer to the ground. Facemelter can also be very effective if the player gets swarmed by Wraiths or against the Tollusk. After all enemies are defeated, the mission is completed.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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