Speed Demon
Gender Male
Race Demon
Faction Unknown
Skin Tone Brown
Personal Vehicle The Squealer (muscle car)
Voiced By Robin Atkin Downes
“That was the sound of the Blood Skank, the most cowardly of all skanks!” — Fletus

Fletus is a demon who gives the player the racing secondary missions and serves as the opponent during those missions.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
This article contains spoilers for Brütal Legend. Click here to reveal them.
He is a demon, but he stresses that he does not associate himself with the Tainted Coil (claiming he's 'too ugly' for them). Although he hates Eddie for constantly making fun of the Squealer's speed, the ways of his people force him to award Eddie Riggs with Triple Nitro if you complete all the racing side missions. The ways of his people also command him to take "revenge" on Eddie, which prompts Eddie to make one last remark on Fletus' driving speed.


  • His clothing, gruff Geordie voice and affinity for cars are all taken from AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson.
  • Fletus's car, the Squealer, is named after the AC/DC song "Squealer", a fan-favorite.


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