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“What's that? You thought these handy little devices were invented in the 20th century to take coins from tourists? What a fool you were. You couldn't be more wrong. What's it like to have your every preconception about the world collapse around you, leaving you in a quivering mass of scared, confused flesh? How will you lift that empty husk of a body and face another day? Don't worry. The Metal Gods are here, and will shine when all others have forsaken you. Get up. Find a Landmark Viewer and take a peek. You may find your faith restored.” — Tour Book

Landmark Viewer

A Landmark Viewer is a collectible in Brütal Legend that can be activated to get a new perspective on a nearby landmark, as well as earning Fire Tributes.


Landmark Viewer Vista

Thirty-two Landmark Viewers are scattered about the Brütal Land. Each viewer initially has a green base indicating it has not yet been used. Once viewed, the base turns from green to red. Once a Landmark Viewer is used, concept art is unlocked for its respective landmark.


  • The forks bent into the eyes of the Landmark Viewers are a reference to the cover of The Scorpions' Blackout album, and the bolts in their skulls are a reference to Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie T. Head.
  • The arms of Landmark Viewers that give Concept Art are bronze, whereas the arms of those that don't are silver.
  • There is a glitch in where after viewing a landmark and the cinematic ends, ALL on-screen indicators (excluding Fire Tributes) will no longer appear. The only way to remedy this is to either purposely die by falling off a cliff or by entering and exiting a Motor Forge.



Viewing all landmarks is required to unlock the following achievement/trophy:

Bronze PS3 Bronze
Viewed all vistas.

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