Machine Gun
“Not child safe!” — Guardian of Metal

The Machine Gun is a primary weapon for the Deuce, available for 45 Fire Tributes, after the mission "Battle for Bladehenge" is completed. This upgrade outfits the Deuce with a pair of automatic gatling turrets that will fire indefinitely.

It is weaker than all the other primary weapons, but is the first one available, and makes up for it's low stopping power somewhat with its high rate of fire.

Story Edit

“Are you sure you can handle it?” — Guardian of Metal

Tour Air

The Machine Gun must be purchased before the player can start "Tour of Destruction". If the player has not yet purchased it, talking to Mangus will cause the camera to pan over to the nearest Motor Forge, whether raised or buried. At this point, the player cannot spend their Fire Tributes on anything else until this weapon is purchased. Because no other weapons are available, the player will always use the Machine Gun for the first Tour Bus escort mission.

Trivia Edit

  • During "Tour of Destruction", the song "Machine Gunn Eddie" by Nitro will play, a dual reference to Eddie Riggs and the machine guns attached to his hot rod.

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