The eighth Artifact of Legend unchained tells the story of the Metal Gods:

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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After growing and advancing for millennia, the Titans were giant, all-knowing entities of spiritual perfection, who could no longer be confined by this mortal plane. In the final stage of their evolution, they ascended into the heavens to become Metal Gods. Before they left, they took time to leave instructions for all they had invented into the natural world. They taught spiders how to spin guitar strings for webs, and the trees how to grow exhaust pipes for branches. They etched hieroglyphics that showed how to put these elements together. "We give our secrets to the future generations," they inscribed in glowing letters, "so that they may know the glory of Metal."

Metal Gods01:07

Metal Gods

Artifacts of Legend
Ormagöden and the Unlovable Things  •  Roots of Song  •  Fall of the Fire Beast  •  The Age of Titans  •  The Speed of Metal  •  Song of the Titans  •  Sea of Black Tears  •  Metal Gods  •  Coiled Remains  •  Black Tear Rebellion  •  Abomination Overdrive  •  Maggots Devour the Corpse of Hope  •  The Roadie

Artifacts of Legend

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