“We're just keeping this land safe.” — Headbanger


Each faction has patrols that roam the Brütal Land. Enemy patrols are always hostile to the player, and will attack on sight. The player can also interact with friendly Ironheade patrols, most of which can be double teamed. If the player helps a friendly patrol wipe out another group of enemies, they will be awarded 15 Fire Tributes. Patrols start to appear after "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell" is completed.


The different units encountered in each patrol varies by faction, location and progress through the campaign.


  • 4 Headbangers
  • 4 Headbangers and a Thunderhog
  • 4 Razor Girls, 1 Thunderhog (Thunderhorn, Jungle, Swamp)
  • 4 Headbangers, 4 Razor Girls (Pleasure Dome)
  • 4 Razor Girls, 1 Bouncer, 1 Headbanger (Death's Clutch)
  • 4 Razor Girls, 1 Metal Beast, 1 Thunderhog (Jungle, Swamp, Mire)

Hair Metal MilitiaEdit

Drowning DoomEdit

Tainted CoilEdit


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