The second Artifact of Legend unchained tells the story Roots of Song:

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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The First Ones spent their days feeding from Madronal, the teated tree of drinking. They suckled from her bark a thick nectar that flowed up from her roots, which penetrated the ground so deeply they reached even into the Untouched Place. There, a beautiful being named Aetulia sang to the roots of Madronal, and the tree turned her song into nourishment for the ungrateful creatures above. One day, the greediest of them sneaked into her sanctuary and trapped Aetulia in a cage, forcing her to sing only for him. That is how he gained unlimited power over all creatures, and became their first and most terrible king.

Roots of Song01:03

Roots of Song

Artifacts of Legend
Ormagöden and the Unlovable Things  •  Roots of Song  •  Fall of the Fire Beast  •  The Age of Titans  •  The Speed of Metal  •  Song of the Titans  •  Sea of Black Tears  •  Metal Gods  •  Coiled Remains  •  Black Tear Rebellion  •  Abomination Overdrive  •  Maggots Devour the Corpse of Hope  •  The Roadie

Artifacts of Legend

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