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“Good Lord he's moving so fast how does he do that?” — Eddie

The Squealer is Fletus' highly stylized muscle car, and the only car that has no known summmoning solo. The car is featured in the Racing Missions wherein Eddie and Fletus race to see who has the better car. Squealer appears to be based on an early 70's Dodge Challenger, with the nose and grille of a late 60's Charger It also has an enormous V8 engine with twin air intakes, raised rear suspension and custom exhaust pipes. Due to Fletus' large physical size, the sunroof has been expanded and an oversized gearstick protrudes above the roofline. Fletus drives with his head and shoulders outside the car, with one hand reaching into the cab to steer. This is somewhat advantageous as the blacked-out windows and massive engine would make it nearly impossible to drive from within the cabin.


  • The car is named after AC/DC's "Squealer", a fan favourite.
  • The hot rod, as well as the design of its driver, were inspired by the artwork of Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth


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