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“Well, everything was great until you recruited those Thunderhog riders. Sure they heal us, and keep us from bleeding to death and stuff, but they're stealing all the women!” — Suzie

Suzie is a unique Headbanger wearing purple pants and a headband, with a thin mustache. He gives the player the "Ride of the Wing Man" secondary mission.

He can be seen trying to woo the nearby Razor Girl, but needs Eddie Riggs to act as his wing man, because the Thunderhog Sparkies are stealing all of the action, cramping his style.

If his mission is completed, he can be found making out with his girl behind one of the stages.


  • Suzie's name could be a possible reference to the Ramones song "Suzy is a Headbanger," due to the fact that Suzie is a Headbanger. This could have been suggested by Lemmy, seeing as he is a noted Ramones Fan.


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