Infinite Mire
A vista view of the eerie Infinite Mire
Vital statistics
Type Location
Continent Eastern Continent
Region Black Tear Region, Jungle
Inhabitants Gravediggers
Location map
Swamp Map
“I get the feeling this place doesn't like us either.” — Eddie Riggs

The Infinite Mire is a region in the Eastern Continent of the Brütal Land between the Black Tear Region and the Jungle. The swamp is home to Laser Panthers, Metal Beasts, and is recognisable by the gnarled roots resembling bony fingers reaching from the ground, and a darkish green hue to the air.

Description Edit

As the name implies, this area is a swampy, low-lying region. The dense growth of plant life can make driving the Deuce here difficult. The air is noticeably foggier, as one can tell driving in and out of this location. It is inhabited by Laser Panthers and occasionally Metal Beasts.

Story Edit

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Swamp Panthers
“Bog monsters?” — Mangus

The mission "Regret's Infinite Mire" involves escorting the Tour Bus through here. Along the way, Drowning Doom units attack Ironheade, whom Eddie Riggs fends off with his fire-breathing Metal Beast. They eventually escape the Infinite Mire by way of a bridge, but end up driving directly into the nearby Dry Ice Mines.

Loot Edit


  • The Swamp is where the Zaulia dump the bodies of their enemies, because the swamp digests them quickly.
  • The Kill Master prefers the damp air of the swamp, saying it's good for his complexion.
  • Nooses are hung from the trees of the Infinite Mire for travellers who would rather die by their own hand than the creatures that reside within.

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