The fourth Artifact of Legend unchained tells the story of The Age of Titans:

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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From the oceans of blood came new life, the worst of which was the Tainted Coil. With the twisted forms of the First Ones, but the angry power of Ormagöden - they were hated, feared, and almost exterminated. Instead, they were saved by a majestic race of Titans, who inherited the strength and size of the Fire Beast, and the purity and beauty of Aetulia. They took pity on the small creatures, and adopted them as pets. They hid their deformities with severe, restrictive garments, and the Coil endured the pain because, more than anything else, they wanted to look exactly like their beloved, merciful masters.

The Age of Titans01:02

The Age of Titans

Artifacts of Legend
Ormagöden and the Unlovable Things  •  Roots of Song  •  Fall of the Fire Beast  •  The Age of Titans  •  The Speed of Metal  •  Song of the Titans  •  Sea of Black Tears  •  Metal Gods  •  Coiled Remains  •  Black Tear Rebellion  •  Abomination Overdrive  •  Maggots Devour the Corpse of Hope  •  The Roadie

Artifacts of Legend

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