The fifth Artifact of Legend unchained tells the story of The Speed of Metal:

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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The Titans mined Ormagöden's steel flesh from the ground, and found it retained the beast's desire for speed. They forged swords that flew through the air so fast they could not be seen, and armor so light it made their warriors run faster. They made chariots so quick it was hard to find beasts fast enough to pull them, and so they abandoned the beasts and made giant vehicles that moved with their own power. These colossal hot rods were a rolling temple to Ormagöden, forged from his gleaming flesh. They had a fiery engine for a heart that roared with the mighty god's death cry, scattering the Titans' enemies as they carried their civilization across the globe.

The Speed of Metal01:05

The Speed of Metal

Artifacts of Legend
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Artifacts of Legend

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