• Here is some ideas for sequal.

    story ideas.

    for IronHead-

    IronHead finding the Temple Highway restored sends Eddie and Ophelia to investigate. When the get to the top of the mountain of bones to the temple of ormagoden they are attacked by a man-like creature with chrome skin and four arms weilding a claymore and a dual-neck guitar. the creature turns out to be the son of ormagoden. Needless to say he's a little pissed off that eddie broke his father's temple.

    I figure this part could work like the tutorial of the first game. where you have to fight him until he stops you with a cutsene. in which  he finds something familiar and that Eddie has proven himself a honorable warrior so he gives his name Axel oresong and they become allys.

    New Avatar- can be played in multiplayer.

    Axel Oresong: The son of Ormagoden was created when Ormagoden's Death Flame mingled with Aetulia's Voice giving birth to a demigod of most righteous metal. He was raised by his mother until her Despair lead to her death. Then he was taken in by the Titans. They taught him many things how to survive, how to fignt, and most importanly how to play Metal. So that when he reached manhood he forged twin claymores from his father's metal and carved a guitar from a branch of Madronal his mother's tree. He named his swords Ormagoden's Fangs and dual-neck guitar Aetulia's Song. When the Titans left for a higher plane they left their servants the demons in his care but he too felt abadonded just as much as his charges and they bonded in their greif. As time Passed they devised ways to find the Titans creating Ormagoden's crest. When the Demons found a single toenail of a Titan, Axel used the last of his power to recreate them. Instead they made Men and Axel fell into a thousand year sleep while the demons fell into a terrible rage at the men they made. when the men escaped their talons the demons formed the Tainted Coil and the most powerful of them became the emperor. When the new emperor turnded his eye apone the sleeping demi-god. The Emperor knew that he would be a usefull ally when he awoke. So the Emperor sent his most trusted subjects to carry Axel up the death pile of their anceint ansestors to his father's temple. Where they placed him on his father's stone back and wainted there till he awoke. Centures latter Axel twitched once in his sleep when a newly crowned Emperor came to the Temple to see the dreaming legend. Decades latter Axel Stired in sleep when the Temple filled with chants, screams, Roars, and Moans. Years latter Axel slowly grow alert when earth shattering music turned the Temples walls to ruins. A year latter when he was fully awake he found the temple ransacked and the sacred road in ruin. possible titles- Earth Searer, Titan Brother, Son of Ormagoden.

    New Units-

    Thunder Drum/ Iron Drum: is pretty much a dwarf driving a vehicle thats part hotrod part drumset with a gong in the shape of a giant sheild on the back. playing it with forge hammers. it makes rows of earth quakes to attack the enemy.

    Punks: the punks have demon blood coursing in there veins which acounts for their hot headness and urge to break their guitars over anything that moves. this unit is a bezerker and once in battle will no longer take orders from you until there are no more enemy units near them.

    Leader- Johnny Romone

    noteworthy- Sids

    Lead singer- a unit that acts as a buffer for other units as well as a attacker. high attack but low defense and is useless without other units. Their can only be one.

    Master Exploder/RockStar/MetalSinger: can make enemy units heads explode with the sound of his voice.

    New Solos

    HeadStrong/?: turns units skin into chrome increasing defense while lowering attack and speed.

    Drowning Doom-

    The Remnants of the Drowning Doom where dying out until a man named Mr.Crowley came to them and showed them  a leak to the sea of black tear. with renewed power and Mr. Crowley as their leader the drowning doom begins to waite and Evolve.

    New Avatar-

    Crowley-Warlock: Crowley is from a land far across the Great Highway where he was a sourcerer of awsome might. Unforchantly when trying out a new spell he teleported above the  Sea of Black Tears and was pulled into its water. Now with the power of the Black Tears he used his new Black Magic he tunneled his way out unleashing its water creating the River of Despair. But as time passes the black tears have made another person one filled with insanity and rage a being who calls himself Warlock. Now a battle rages in his mind for control. Who will win kind Crowley or cruel Warlock? The land holds it's breath for the answer.


    Blood Count/ Blood Baron: These vampires where made when  teardrinkers in their madness drank from others of their ilke. Though that dosen't explain their love of frilly shirts. This units is a medic and suck the blood of the enemy through the air and use it to heal allies. However they can't kill enemies through blood drain but their claws can. Levitates a foot above the ground so isn't affected by ground base attacks. Double team: Crowley turns into black tears and the vampire blood drains him changing the aristocrat into a Savage Blood starved man-bat.

    Zombies: the newly risen may be brainless, slow, and rotting apart but make up for it with ability to infect the enemy.

    Banshee: This fair maiden use to have a voice that could make the sky's cry with happiness. Now it cries in horror at her shreiks. Her shreik cause others to rot.

    New Solo-

    Ungreatfull Dead/?: turns units into skelenton increasing attack and speed but lowering health.

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    • Headless Horsemen: These Warriors lost their heads during the Black Tear Rebellion. Now they ride their steel horses under the black flag, looking for a suitable replacement. Double team: Mr.Crowley turns into a shadow Jack-O-Lantern allowing the horsemen to throw him causing explosions.

      The Tainted Coil

      With the death of Emperor Dovicules the demon royaly began to wrestle for the crown. With this strife Prince Samael half-brother to the dead emperor began to seduce and kill his way to the throne. with his competition out of the way Samel is crown Emperor but he begins to hear whispers of his dead brother come back to take his throne. Samel will not let that happen and will destroy all things in his way.

      New Avatar:

      Emperor Samel: born the bastard son of a demon Prince and a human slave. Samel was raised by his mother and when he came of age he took her vengeance for her, slaying his father and taking his title.

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    • Why not some new factions?

      One based on Nu-Metal and Deathcore

      One based on Grindcore

      One based on Punk music

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