• So, I've heard alot of praise for Tainted Coil and Drowning Doom (my favourite), but nothing positive for ironheade, minus fire barons. Does anyone have some tips for how to play as them?

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    • Be relentless. Overwhelm the enemy with sheer force. A ton of ranged units will tear avatars apart. Throw in some Metal Beasts for protecton, and also some Fire Barons, and you should be fine.

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    • Ironheade is probably the most balanced faction, so you have a few options of play, razer girls are a very powerful opener, however, and will tear enemy units to shreds, and their fire units deal with infantry with ease, the only problem is their anti vehicle units are not very impressive.With IH you tend to need to play offensively, although if you find yourself overwhelmed, falling back to increase your numbers is, as always, a viable tactic.

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