• Race

    2-8 players.

    The players summon their respective vehicle, and another player or one of the two or more players race to a set point wich the subject may vary, but I and Rikusorakairiown set the point to be the stage.

    Lamprey Race

    2-8 players.

    The players summon their respective vehicle and go to the map Feeding Area, they must procede to race around the Lamprey and the first one to get their vehicle destroyed or is killed loses the last man standing in case of 3+ people. (This requires more luck than skill since the Lamprey is undodgeable).


    2-8 players.

    The players summon a unit/s of any kind to fight the other unit/s in case of 3+ players each player may choose 1 unit to represent them

    Hide and Seek

    2-8 players.

    One player must give all the others time to count, wend they all say ready, the counter (person who counts) must find them and wend he does, they must gather in a certain point. The counter can not fly, only use his vehicle and walk & the hiding players musn´t hide in places wich are only reached by flight, once you find a player you must physically atack him.

    Complete mayhem

    2-8 players.

    Players may fill all the load and send their units to the battlefield in a rather epic display of metal clashing.

    Bleeding Death Destruction

    2 players.

    The players summon their BD and the BD will fight each other out, the BD that dies is the loser.


    The players can summon them near the Lamprey but they must be quick for the Lamprey is undodgeable and is a 1 hit KO sometimes.

    Quality vs Quantity


    Use the best unit of a certain faction (ex: BDRock CrusherTree Back ) and the other player/s make a army like 40 load or as close as he/she can to it, then make them all meet in a certain spot and UNLEASH THE AWESOMENESS.

    All Road Racing


    Go to a map with some mountains or hills, summon your car on top of them and set a waypoint then race to that point wich will result in awesome jumps.

    Avatar Fight

    2-8 Arrange a meeting, everyone appears at the spot, start fighting no units just your powers! (Works best with 8 people)

    (More may be added as we find more).

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