Since I don´t remember how the other ones went I will tell you just this, this was the only battle I did after Victor!

Map was The Bleeding Coast

I went against wallpapper7 he was Ironheade, I was Tainted Coil (of course!), started by producing a War Nun, then made some PPs and SKs and sent my units to go to the neutral geyser at the middle. I scouted the enemy and discovered they also went there! So my units start atacking theirs and I use the PP double team (my favorite), the enemy avatar starts harassing me so I target him and after he dies or retreats I start killing all of his units, and claim the geyser for myself! I start producing more units to replenish my ranks and advanced even more,  I upgrade my stage with all of the fans (I made the troops guard the geyser), and start advancing halfway into the upgrade, I make them stop on the hill to the enemy base and put a mine there, I procede to order the atack again and upgrade the base once more, a 2nd battle starts, now the enemy avatar is also double teaming but my PP double team beats him once again and his troops. I start atacking his base, and he uses the base defense (speakers, fog etc..) I start producing a BD (Bleeding Death) and I back away my units to destroy the towers, he managed to kill them and I summoned the BD!! It tore him up since destroying my main army was already a strain on his fans/army without even mentioning the fans he used on healing his base! The BD won the game and I am now 80% wins with TC.


Avatar Deaths: 0 (Me)   4 (Him)

Units Killed: 70 (Me)     58 (Him)

Avatars Killed: 3 (Me)    0 (Him)

Units Produced: 70 (Me)     73 (Him)

Fans Spent: 3075 (Me)        2305 (Him)

Total Fans: 3486 (Me)        2616 (Him)


Double Team Time: 04:18 (Me)        4:11 (Him)

Favorite Double Team: Punishing Party (Me)         Thunderhog (Him)

Match Time: 11:40

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