aka Aylah

  • I live in Doncaster
  • I was born on February 28
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
  • Rikusorakairiown

    Pissing about on Steam today I came across This, showing that Brütal Legend along with other Double Fine games such as Psychonauts had recently been added to Valve's Trading Card Beta (which is exiting beta tomorrow). There are 15 cards in total, which, when collected, grant the collector a badge for their profile, as well as the ability to craft these cards into a profile background.

    For those who haven't participated in the beta, the way it works is that you get cards randomly by playing the game. You can get a maximum of n/2 cards this way where n is the total number of cards, if n is even then the number of droppable cards is rounded down. After this, you need to either trade with other people for the cards or wait untill you get a boost…

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  • Rikusorakairiown

    Brütal Legend has recently appeared on the steam database, implying that it will be coming to steam some time soon, when asked on Double Fine forums, staff said they could not make any announcements regarrding the game and steam.

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  • Rikusorakairiown

    Future absence

    November 16, 2012 by Rikusorakairiown

    I'll probably be largely inactive untill december 10th since my Team is playing in the RRR6 TF2 Highlander tournament on December 9th so we need to get in as much practice as possible.

    Just a heads up.

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  • Rikusorakairiown

    Not saying this is the best way to play, just my way.

    There are generally 2 strategies for starting off as the Drowning Doom, sending out 2 gravediggers and a frightwig then a bride, or swarming the battlefield with gravediggers non-stop, the latter being what I did when I was new to the faction, generally. If you're not very good at defending your troops you may want to start off with this opening, however, bear in mind you may find it more difficult to bear with having the weaker units later on, as any anti-infantry unit will be devastating. If you open up with the former opening, bear in mind you'll probably have to defend your troops, and know that the bride (which is excluded from this method on some maps) is only summoned for taking o…

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  • Rikusorakairiown

    Sorry I've been all... disappearish lately.

    Been looking for a job lately and when I'm not doing that I'm making tf2 frags, and when I'm not doing that I'm talking people out of doing very stupid things and ARGGGGGG.

    Too much stress e.e

    Anywho, i'll try to be active and stuffs again so...


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