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  • TankedThirst

    If you're anything like me, DD is a bitch to beat early game with IH. The gravedigger double team is rediculously powerfull, and you can only stall it for so long before your opponent gets one off. There are two important things you have to do in order to beat DD: Army compoition and denying double teams. If push comes to shove you can use the car and pretty much get an auto win, but don't be that guy.

    I normally advocate for using mainly melee units in the early game, as they counter their ranged counterparts very well. Against DD however, you should have alot more razergirls. Razergirls add some much needed dps, and if you can keep your opponent's gravediggers concentrated on the headbangers (who serve as meatshields), then you should be …

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  • TankedThirst

    The Drowning Doom are a very peculiar faction. Outside of tier one, they are extremely weak alone, but are powerfull when grouped together due to debuffers. This means that you must get a fan advantage fast, as you do not have a unit that can single handidly take back geysers like Ironheade and Tainted Coil do. What you do late game depends on the early game; where most games are either won or lost.

    DD's general stratagy early game consists of overpowering your opponent with gravediggers. Gravediggers have one of the single most effective double teams in the game, and will easily beat any other tier 1 units. It also only takes three double team hits to kill a leach! Keeping in mind that you must be able to adapt, this is a good way to start…

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