Fighting Against Gloomy Mothers, or Fighting For Gloomy Mothers, One thing is certain, you need strategy.

You are the Doom, Facing the Coil. What I do is get some diggers out, and fly to meet the enemy. the Coil units have a major weakness: you have to individually summon a Coil Heirarchy Unit, then talk to them to get a unit, effectively nearly doubling Spawn time for regular minions. Take advantage of this, and try to fight off Doviculus while at the same time, taking potshots at the defenseless Nun. You may Avoid Doviculus entirely as you whale on the Battle nun as she breeds. I am personally guilty of slaying weirdly sexy Demons in the middle of birthing, myself. at the same time, while you do this, get more units, upgrade the stage, all while trying to keep the Coil Forces to a minimum. then, when you have a fully loaded Army, play Encompassing Gloom to inhibit any more production. Then, rally rour Army, and Drwon your enemies in sorrow

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